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landscape color studies

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ballerinas and dancers from figure drawing

they move so fast omg

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i don’t really have much work i can show at the moment but here’s some stickers i’ll have at SMASH this year

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I just finished one of these Where’s-Waldo-style splash pages for Ms Marvel #7, and decided I’d post this older one to celebrate. It’s from the Indestructible Hulk Special Issue #1. 2013. Colors by the ever-vibrant Jordie Bellaire and drawing by Me.

Pages like this are fun, but they do take a HATEFUL amount of time to draw.


meet june she wishes dragons were real

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A piece for this month’s Charlotte Home + Garden Magazine about building a pet safe garden. It felt pretty good to illustrate something people in my hometown would see :T

Thanks so much AD Jane!

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My bread baking bone breaking badass for Jenn Woodall’s FIGHT! zine!
Because nothing beats some hot ‘n crusty bread.

I made the gif just for kicks, but it’s wonky in places because it took waaaay longer than I planned for and I had to stop! Overall though, this has been probably one of the funnest pieces for me to draw. Definitely influenced by my everlasting love of Kiki’s Delivery Service & not-so-secret desire to live in a bakery. I wanna do more food-themed fighters!

Prints available from my Inprnt store.

Reminds me of Ranma 1/2! :D 

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Tadpole en gelée. 

Steamed 6 week old tadpole with basil and edible flowers in a tomato wine gelatin.

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wandered around mt tabor & tried to remember how to draw from life/use a pen&markers/do anything at all