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Limited edition screen prints by artist Tim Doyle, inspired by the streets of Springfield (the Simpsons.) Check out the entire collection in our online store here, and be sure to follow Tim on Tumblr here


The things you do when you procrastinate… I was supposed to work on my project. I had to choose between drawing a bunch of old buildings’ façades or rotoscoping a Spy. 

So have a Spy in his natural state of being, that is being absolutely fucking done with everything and everyone. Just for fun.

That’s Fassbender in the infamous basement scene from Inglourious Basterds, btw. 20 frames.

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Pikki on her journey to mint land

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I really like KC’s dog with hair

The Dog With Hair, so clean and neat,
You don’t even notice when he starts to eat.


4:00 PM

(you never sleep regularly anymore.)

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felt like doing something mind numbing & repetitive so i drew a comic about a trip to the grocery store yaayayayayayay


Onion Knight

(Big Black & White version)

This one is inspired by the powerful drawings
of Angie Wang (and the last CR Fashion Book Issue)

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IRL its about 2 feet tall! I drew it with sharpie during class! I’ll make two more to go with it


Cool news! If you bought the first Steven Universe comic (written by cool guy Jeremy Sorese, illustrated by cool guy Coleman Engle, published by Boom!) you may have seen a STEVEN CHEWNIVERSE page in the back, written and illustrated by me! This is my first foray into Comics with a capital C, but I should be doing more STEVEN CHEWNIVERSE recipes, so I hope you’re ready to make some tasty food with Steven!

Also, you should definitely try an Everything Bagel Dog! I have Sam & our pals Diego, Aaron K., Mike, and Aaron G. to thank for the recipe. Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving they host Franksgiving, where they make creative/tasty/unusual/forbidden hot dogs. A highly recommended tradition.

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