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Je sais. J’avais dit que ce n’était qu’un délire passager, et voila pourtant
le deuxième article consacré aux Flavor Girls. Je sentais juste que je
n’étais pas allé au bout du truc la dernière fois, et j’avais encore plein
de persos en tête que je jugeais meilleurs que les précédents.

J’ai aussi imaginé tout un background scénaristique autour de ces
petites nanas, je ne sais pas si j’oserai un jour en parler ici
(non, RIEN de sexuel pour cette fois).

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landscape color studies

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ballerinas and dancers from figure drawing

they move so fast omg

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i don’t really have much work i can show at the moment but here’s some stickers i’ll have at SMASH this year

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I just finished one of these Where’s-Waldo-style splash pages for Ms Marvel #7, and decided I’d post this older one to celebrate. It’s from the Indestructible Hulk Special Issue #1. 2013. Colors by the ever-vibrant Jordie Bellaire and drawing by Me.

Pages like this are fun, but they do take a HATEFUL amount of time to draw.


meet june she wishes dragons were real

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A piece for this month’s Charlotte Home + Garden Magazine about building a pet safe garden. It felt pretty good to illustrate something people in my hometown would see :T

Thanks so much AD Jane!

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My bread baking bone breaking badass for Jenn Woodall’s FIGHT! zine!
Because nothing beats some hot ‘n crusty bread.

I made the gif just for kicks, but it’s wonky in places because it took waaaay longer than I planned for and I had to stop! Overall though, this has been probably one of the funnest pieces for me to draw. Definitely influenced by my everlasting love of Kiki’s Delivery Service & not-so-secret desire to live in a bakery. I wanna do more food-themed fighters!

Prints available from my Inprnt store.

Reminds me of Ranma 1/2! :D 

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Tadpole en gelée. 

Steamed 6 week old tadpole with basil and edible flowers in a tomato wine gelatin.

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